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Moments lost in time, like tears in the rain.

A digital counterpart to traditional halls of mirrors

A new media art exhibition that was shown in galleriBarbaraHansen, Oslo, 2005-11-24..2005-12-11. A selection of four interactive video art pieces created by Øyvind Kolås for this debut, solo exhibition. Portions of the work was also shown in the art gallery of SIGGRAPH in 2006 and at Digitale spor in Bergen in 2007.

Nå av da

Nå av da Now by then

A mirror, where the reflection of the present is an image mosaic of images from the past.

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Åndsspeil Ghost Mirror

A mirror of the environment. Visitors in motion turn into ghosts - unless they stop - then they materialize

Rekursiv Oppdeling

Rekursiv deloppdeling Recursive subdivision

Mirrors the world in a graphically stylized manner by subdividing the world into a data structure known as a quadtree.

Deja vu

Deja vu Deja vu

A remembering mirror showing a deja vu retrieved from past memories.

All of the exhibited pieces are highly interactive and thus photographs illustrate only a limited impression.

Source availability

The Media Centre at Bergen University College liberated the source code of the installations under GPL.


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