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Moments lost in time, like tears in the rain.

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Moments lost in time, like tears in the rain. was first exhibited in november 2005 the collection of four interactive video installations was first exhibited at Galleri Barbara Hansen in Oslo. The exhibit consisted of four works, now by then, deja-vu, ghost mirror and recursive subdivision. Now by then was also shown at the shown SIGGRAPH art gallery in 2006.

Still of

When I pondered whether it would be possible to finance some of the equipment and materials needed for the original exhibition I also desired the code and underlying code logic to be reusable by myself and others in other projects. The result was a discount scheme based sales model, where licenses that I hope increase the chances of myself seeing new and interesting derivative work that I will both have the ability to study and elaborate on.

For an Digitale Spor an outdoor art track in Bergen January 2006 various digital art works were desired. I was contact about the possibility of having works from lost in time be part of the exhibition. The Media Centre at Bergen University College chose to option of paying to liberate the sources under GPL which had the largest discount of the full price (90% discount). You can now download the source and compile, play, experiment and perhaps tinker with the code creating new interesting things.

The installations are written using gggl as the graph based processing engine. At the moment GEGL does not perform well enough to drive the installations in real time, I do however at some point plan to port now by then to be a plug-in for GEGL using sets of composite operations, and with efficient dirtying of rectangles.

/Øyvind Kolås  Aug 2008