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Nå av daNow by Then

The present is a product of the past. This installation puzzles an image mosaic mirror of the present based on stored images from the past.

Nå av da

Nå av da Now by then

The present is a product of the past. This idea is illustrated by using an enchanted mirror. The mirror reflects the present as a multifacted image mosaic made from images captured in the past.

The installation is continously evolving. The set of images used to construct the current experience is composed of earlier encounters. This makes every participant a contributor to future experiences.

Technology behind the curtain

The installation consists of a projector, a camera, a computer and software that maintaining the puzzled mosaic.

When the software detects motion in the scene monitored by the camera, an image is stored in a database and split into rectangular subimages. A list of the subimages that have changed since the last generated mosaic is created. The database is then asked for a list of full-scene images that correspond to the changed subimages. To further speed up queries, infrequently used images are periodically purged from the database.

Documentation Media

30s video from Galleri Barbara Hansen

  • mpg 320x240 1.8M
  • ogg 1024x768 2.6M

The exhibition space for Nå av da at SIGGRAPH 2006, vertical and horizontal panoramas


  • Galleri Barbara Hansen, Oslo Norway, November 2005
  • Intersections, SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery, Boston USA.
  • Digital Hverdag, Bergen Norway, 2007
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