illustrative image Horizon is a sketchbook application for tablet devices. that aims to become a zoomable, infinite, hyperlinkable, multiuser sketchbook.

Sketchbooks have worked as extensions of my memory and a good mean to structure my thoughts. Horizon is my attempt to create an application that will turn a small tablet machine into a versatile sketchbook. The Codex Book is not surpassed by electronic books for read only content, yet. Horizon is a read/write enviroment without the limitations of page boundaries. and adds conveniences of digital image editing.

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screenshot of horizon The User Interface of horizon is being made up as development trods along. As new features stabilize or become interesting they should show up in the user interface.

The image used in this screenshot is a Blue Marble image, one of NASA's cloudfree earth images. At 100% zoom 1px == 2km for this image and the image is 21600x10800 pixels totally, importing such an image into horizon takes close to 2 hours on the 770 and consumes ~300mb of space on the memory card.


Development happens in GNOME source repository. Browse source.

For news on development follow the ChangeLog in CVS or join the developers in #horizon on irc.gimp.org.

Future development

A slightly slower, GEGLified version of horizon is currently being experimented with, it has enough feautures to be useful. Horizon is currently serving as a testbed for GEGL related experiments. The GEGL presentation at Libre Graphics Meeting 2006 in Lyon was created and presented using a slighly customized version of horizon.

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