Appendix A. Assignment, spring 2007


The assignment is due Wed 2007-05-09 12:00.


You are to implement a program that takes the data from the CMOS sensor, and generates an as good RGB image as possible.


You will write a short report about the strategy taken and how you have implemented it, the report shall be delvivered as a zipped folder through classfronter. The zip file should containing a folder with the source code for your implementation, an <tt>index.html</tt> file containing the main text of the report that also includes the result of processing 3 or more of the sample images using your solution.


Your images should attempt creating as good color images as possible from the following Bayer pattern screened grayscale images.


  • Interpolation for bayer Matrix

  • White balance

  • Contrast stretching

  • Noise